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Sixteen months out from the midterm elections, Democrats are sweating already. That’s the only conclusion to draw from a report on Thursday outlining the party’s nascent attempts to start shifting away from one of its defining positions of only a year ago and start trying to pin Republicans as the group in American politics most hostile to law and order. It’s almost more laughable than it is outrageous, but if that’s the best the left can do, the conservative plan is clear for 2022. According to The Hill report by staff writer Tal Axelrod, Democrats are looking for a way to go on the offensive on an issue of public safety. Considering this is the party that identified with the rioters that swept through major American cities last year, the party of city councils across the country that have cut police funding to disastrous effect, and the party of a president who never tires of peddling the lie of “systemic racism” in law enforcement, that’s going to take a lot of denying.

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