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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted on Thursday that communism is a “failed ideology” after the administration repeatedly sidestepped the issue and initially claimed that the protests in Cuba were caused by a rise in COVID-19 cases and an “authoritarian regime.” “I would say communism is a failed ideology and we certainly believe that,” Psaki said. “It has failed the people of Cuba. They deserve freedom. They deserve a government that supports them, whether that is making sure they have health and medical supplies, access to vaccines, or whether they have economic opportunity and prosperity. And instead, this has been a government and authoritarian communist regime that has repressed its people and has failed the people of Cuba. Hence, we’re seeing them in the streets. But I would note that the ideology of the government, which has failed, has led to, a failure or a lack of access to economic opportunity to medical supplies to COVID vaccines,” she added. “So all of those pieces are true.”

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