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A Border Patrol agent pleaded guilty last week to accepting bribes in exchange for allowing human smugglers to sneak illegal immigrants across the US-Mexico border. Rodney Tolson Jr. admitted July 7 to a single count of conspiracy to transport an undocumented alien within the US, according to a plea agreement filed Sunday. He faces up to 10 years in prison at sentencing. In the plea agreement, which was initially obtained by The Daily Beast, Tolson admitted that he would call one of the smugglers and let them know “which lane and time window” he was working at the Border Patrol checkpoint near Laredo, Texas. In exchange for waving the smugglers through the checkpoint, Tolson received $400 per alien, the agreement says. The documents do not state how much cash Tolson cleared from his illegal activity, but they do say he allowed the smugglers to pass through his checkpoint lane at least six times between February and June of 2019. The plea agreement indicates that one of Tolson’s co-conspirators flipped on him after the smuggler was arrested in November of 2019. By February of 2020, Tolson knew that he was under investigation.

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