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For open socialists such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the uprising in Cuba, every inch a people’s uprising to repudiate communism and end it forever, couldn’t have been good news. She’s been silent on Twitter, as have been all three other members of “the squad.” Bernie Sanders, the éminence grise of the wokesters, has been silent, too. Nothing from Cuban health care propagandist Michael Moore who praised all that “free” health care in film. Nothing from President Obama who did “the wave” with Cuba’s billionaire dictator Raul Castro. Nothing from radical left-wing royalty Chesa Boudin, or his stepdad, unrepentant radical domestic terrorist Bill Ayers who spent lots of time in Cuba and worked with the regime, according to the FBI. Nothing from the Congressional Black Caucus, which gushed praise for the regime in its pilgrimage to Havana in 2009, and continues to blast the U.S. And certainly nothing from the “trained Marxists” at Black Lives Matter, who paid pilgrimages to Cuban acolyte Hugo Chavez and take Cuba as their model. Funny how so many of the protestors denouncing the communist hellhole are identifiably black in the Twitter videos. It’s kind of… embarrassing.

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