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On Wednesday, President Biden stated that he wants children to have a minimum of 14 years of education, but in the same speech said, “I want to guarantee the additional four years of public education for every person in America.” America’s pubic school system currently requires 12 years of education, which added to the four years Biden would guarantee makes 16, not 14. Speaking in Crystal Lake, Illinois, Biden stated, “One of the reasons why we are a leading country in the world for so long and still on the edges is because we’re the first industrial nation in the world to allow 12 years of free education back at the turn of the 20th century, but everybody’s caught up. At the time they were debating what should be education in America? The argument was there should be 12 years of free education. And that’s what got us ahead. That’s what had us leap ahead of the rest of the world. But today everybody’s caught up. Does anybody think in the 21st century with changes taking place in technology and across the board that 12 years of education is enough to be able to live a middle-class life? I don’t think so.”

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