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Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole announced his plan to end the mistreatment of Western Canadians. “The Fiscal Stabilization Program was created in 1967 to provide support to provincial governments when they experience a sudden and significant drop in revenue. It helps ‘stabilize’ a province’s finances by providing payments in the event of a large decline in general revenues, or a dramatic decline in resources revenue, effectively functioning as an Equalization rebate for those provinces,” The Conservatives wrote in a Party statement. “Since 1987, these rebates have been capped, initially at a maximum of $60 per person. In 2020, the Premiers of the provinces unanimously demanded significant changes to the program. Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau only made minor tweaks that fell far short of the needs of the provinces. This has left provincial governments with less money to deal with the important social programs they are responsible for such as health care, education, and most social services,” wrote O’Toole in a statment.

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