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If every group is focused on hating each other, nobody will notice how the country is being tricked and robbed by those in power. Imagine for a moment that a former highly-placed official in the PMO of a Conservative government Tweeted that it “may be understandable” for people to burn down Mosques in response to historical grievance. What do you think would happen? That’s right. They would be shredded by the media, ripped by the other parties — and their own party — and likely driven out of political life entirely. It would be a huge media story, and would probably dominate the headlines for a week. The Conservatives would be pressured into apologizing repeatedly, demonstrating abject contrition and political correctness, and would still be slammed as ‘bigots’ regardless. And yet, things seem quite different when Gerald Butts said the burning of Churches “may be understandable.” What makes Butts comments so stunning – aside from the way he seems to just flippantly dismiss hateful acts against centres of religious faith – is how what he says differs from what many Indigenous People are saying.

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