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An educational website run by Canada’s national archives was deleted after management decided that the site was no longer necessary in a “diverse and multicultural” Canada. According to Blacklock’s Reporter, the archives called the website “redundant” and “offensive” — something historian Barry Wilson calls “short-sighted.” “To me this is just shocking and totally unnecessary,” said historian Barry Wilson. “I can’t understand it. It’s incredibly short-sighted. What would the rationale be?” Other pages celebrating Canada’s history and prime ministers have also been removed, including pages on the war of 1812. “Our current website contains information that was written many years ago,” said a notice by the archives’ management. “Unfortunately it does not always reflect our diverse and multicultural country, often presenting only one side of Canada’s history,” wrote staff. “Library and Archives Canada acknowledges that some of its online presence is offensive and continues to correct these issues. That is why content that is redundant or outdated will be removed or rewritten.”

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