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The discovery of hundreds of children’s remains in Kamloops, Brandon and Cowessess have exposed the absolute devastation settlers inflicted upon Indigenous children, families and communities through the Indian Residential School system. As a nutrition researcher, and settler-Canadian, I am calling on my peers to recognize and understand the harms that malnutrition and nutrition experiments on Indigenous people have caused and the legacy they have left. Ian Mosby, historian of food, Indigenous health and the politics of Canadian settler colonialism, uncovered that between 1942 and 1952, Canada’s most prominent nutrition scientists performed highly unethical research on 1,300 Indigenous people, including 1,000 children, in Cree communities in northern Manitoba and at six residential schools across Canada. Many were already suffering from malnutrition because of destructive government policies and terrible conditions at residential schools. In the eyes of researchers, this made them ideal test subjects. They successfully pitched their plan for nutrition experiments to the federal government.

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