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Residents recovering from record-breaking temperatures face a new threat, with more than 100 fires burning. On the heels of an unprecedented heatwave that left hundreds dead in British Columbia, Canada’s westernmost province is now battling a fresh threat. More than 100 wildfires are burning across the province, as of late on Thursday, 86 of which started in the past two days. Evacuation orders and alerts have gone out in a dozen communities. The province’s premier, John Horgan, suggested that the crisis could become dire enough to see the Canadian military deployed. In British Columbia, it was supposed to be a week of tentative celebration — Thursday was the day that the province’s Covid-19 state of emergency was lifted. But now the province is likely to be facing a new state of emergency over the wildfires. In the days leading up to the fire itself, Lytton set national heat records for three days straight until Tuesday, when the mercury reached a hellish 49.5°C (121.1°F), baking virtually all moisture from the region. Thanks to British Colombia’s usually moderate climate, many homes do not have air conditioning.

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