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The Senate adjourned for its summer break at midnight on Tuesday, without passing two pieces of priority government legislation: a bill to stamp out the harmful practice of LGBTQ2S+ conversion therapy, and a contentious broadcast regulation update. Despite both bills being passed by the majority of MPs and the federal Liberals pushing for the legislation to be rapidly considered, senators said the bills merit a more fulsome study in the fall. There had been some hope that an agreement across Senate leadership would allow for summer meetings so that both the conversion therapy legislation Bill C-6, and Broadcasting Act changes in Bill C-10 could be studied by Senate committees. However, as of midnight when senators rose or logged off from their hybrid sitting until late September: “No agreement has been reached for summer committee meetings at this time,” according to Chloe Fedio, a spokesperson for Government Representative in the Senate, Sen. Marc Gold. That means both bills are set to languish in the upper chamber, and makes their fate subject to a much-speculated late summer or early fall election call.

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