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The Senate is set to adjourn for its summer break Tuesday, and it is still deliberating on key priority pieces of government legislation, prompting the federal government to ask senators to “do what is necessary” to see these bills pass. While Bill C-30, which implements the 2021 budget commitments including pandemic aid extensions, and Bill C-12, which will put into law Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions targets, are both at the final legislative stage in the Senate and poised to pass by day’s end following more debate this afternoon, two other bills may be left in limbo. There were two other bills also passed into the Senate at the eleventh hour of the House of Commons sitting last week: Bill C-6, which seeks to restrict the harmful practice of conversion therapy for LGBTQ2S+ folks, and Bill C-10, the controversial Broadcasting Act changes, are looking less likely to pass by day’s end. The Senate passed Bill C-6 into the committee study phase on Monday after sitting late into the night, though the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee has yet to schedule meetings to begin studying it.

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