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Company insiders have revealed that the Chinese parent company of the app TikTok can covertly access user data, alleging the boundaries between the two companies were “so blurry as to be almost non-existent,” in a CNBC report. The bombshell report – which validates the Trump administration’s efforts to ban the app in the U.S. — comes just after the Biden White House decided to allow TikTok to continue operations, and even welcomed TikTokers into the White House for a “briefing.” A “recruiter, along with four other former employees, told CNBC they’re concerned about the popular social media app’s Chinese parent company, which they say has access to American user data and is actively involved in the Los Angeles company’s decision-making and product development,” the outlet summarized. One of the anonymous employees alleged that “the boundaries between TikTok and ByteDance were so blurry as to be almost non-existent.” The National Pulse has unearthed pledges from the former ByteDance CEO to use his platform to “promote socialist core values” and devotion to the Chinese Communist Party, making the ties between the two companies even more concerning.

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