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I suspect I am not alone in this, but the last few months, and in particular these last few weeks have brought my nostalgia for the days of Stephen Harper’s governance to an incandescent pitch. I realize Harper has been, in political terms, gone for ages. But still in this new madcap world how some yearn for more demure governance, and a calmer hand on the wheel of our precious ship of state. Harper, if I may put it this way, preferred to stay quietly in the captain’s cabin attending to the voyage keeping the crew on their toes, rather than wandering the decks and organizing the shuffleboard competitions. Harper’s time was so very different from now it almost seems it was another age. Back then when he was prime minister there used to be a budget for every year. They were all duly brought before the House of Commons and put through the rigours of opposition questions, the scrutiny of the Parliamentary Budget Officers and committees of the House. In those days the House of Commons was quite regularly in full session, members of all parties expect to show up (and most did) and the prime minister available for the laser-sharp inquisitions of the daily question period.

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