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Joe Biden has faced backlash across the board for his decision to launch deadly airstrikes in the Middle East without Congressional approval. On Monday, Senate Democrats urged Biden to explain his reasoning behind the bombings in Syria and Iraq. The lawmakers argued the bombings may have violated the War Powers Act. The Pentagon claimed the airstrikes were defensive and only targeted Iran-backed militants and compounds. The strikes reportedly hit two targets in Syria, one target in Iraq and killed up to seven militiamen. “Specifically, they targeted operational weapons storage facilities at two locations in Syria, one location in Iraq, both with very close to the border between the countries,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced. “Several Iran-backed militia groups including KH, including KSS, use these facilities.” These recent airstrikes have been the second time Biden has bypassed Congress to bomb Middle East targets since taking office. Iraq condemned the strikes as violating its national sovereignty, while Iranian militia members vowed revenge. U.S. forces reported rocket attacks on a facility housing U.S. troops in the hours following the airstrikes.

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