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In a hilariously ironic move, YouTube permanently banned Right Wing Watch on Monday, a far-left organization that seeks to de-platform conservative figures and outlets. After a backlash from the Left, YouTube reportedly reversed their decision. “Our efforts to expose the bigoted view and dangerous conspiracy theories spread by right-wing activists has now resulted in [YouTube] banning our channel and removing thousands of our videos,” Right Wing Watch announced on Twitter. “We attempted to appeal this decision, and YouTube rejected it.” The organization shared a screenshot of what they claimed to be a message from YouTube. “We have reviewed your content and found severe or repeated violations of our Community Guidelines,” the message read. “Because of this, we have removed your channel from YouTube.” People were quick to point out the irony that Right Wing Watch, an organization dedicated to the censorship of conservative content online, was itself censored. Tim Pool, an outspoken voice on the subject of social media censorship, described the decision as “perfectly ironic.”

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