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Technically speaking, Donald Trump is a loser. After all, it’s Biden who’s occupying the Oval Office. But let’s not get entangled in technicalities. Forty-one percent of Americans believe that Trump actually won the election and that Biden’s ascension was the result of fraud, with over half of Republicans holding that belief. And as Biden has managed, remarkably swiftly, to destroy the border, the economy, the military, education, and more, worried patriots are redoubling their support for Trump. So, when Trump, the man who didn’t win, calls a rally, thousands upon thousands of people show up. And the people who attended the rally in Wellington, Ohio, got vintage Trump. The red-capped crowd filled the stands and the overflow area. Just to put that in perspective, when Biden showed up in Columbus, Ohio, three months ago, the venue was practically deserted — and no, I’m not going to believe you if you tell me that was just because of COVID. This was a man who allegedly received 81 million votes. Trump was in fine form, to tell the truth. Trump stood up for his friend Rudy Giuliani, whose livelihood the appellate division of the New York Supreme Court took away for “wrong think.”

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