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Justin Trudeau’s blueprint for his future career is an easy read. The prime minister aims to call an election this summer, coast to a majority mandate on post-vaccination euphoria, spend a couple years as ‘dean’ of world leaders at the G7 before retiring to lucrative corporate directorships and an international speaking tour paying a cool $150,000 per canned speech. But that victory march might hit a nasty speedbump if voters believe they’re being dragged to the polls by an arrogant government using false pretences to call Trudeau’s last election. There was plenty of evidence this week that all Trudeau’s protestations about not wanting a fall vote are merely deceptions rooted solely in his minority government’s pursuit of greater power. It was only last month all MPs, including Trudeau, united to support a motion which ruled out an election during the pandemic. Yet, despite a virus that’s still got the government so rattled it won’t open the U.S. border amid signs of a COVID-19 resurgence in the U.K., a pandemic call to the ballot box is clearly weeks or, at most, a couple months away.

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