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Peter Daszak – a chief architect of the disinformation campaign surrounding COVID-19’s origins – admitted to “faking” figures while soliciting Obama administration funding for his Chinese Communist-linked EcoHealth Alliance group. Daszak, who was removed from the Lancet committee due to countless conflicts of interest with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, made the comments while speaking on a June 2020 episode of the show “This Week In Virology.” “I gave a talk at a government meeting, and the OSTP, the Office of Science and Technology Policy, Director was there from the White House, Franca Jones,” Daszak begins while outlining his efforts to identify and sequence all viruses with pandemic potential. “I kind of faked it a little bit. I said, look, I’ve got a piece of paper here with a number,” he continues before appearing to backtrack: “I did actually… we just calculated the day before.” “So I had this piece of paper, and I kind of pulled it out and it says ‘it will only cost 7 billion dollars,’ and I saw her write down the number. I thought wow, this isn’t so crazy,” he added.

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