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With each passing day, another anti-Trump media narrative from the election cycle collapses in on itself. Americans will recall that in June 2020, anti-police rioting in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis police custody had spread to Washington, D.C. On one evening of “mostly peaceful” protesting, rioters had briefly forced the White House into lockdown with then-President Donald Trump inside. The following day, the Trump administration ordered law enforcement to clear Lafayette Park of anti-police demonstrators. Trump then happened to walk through the area to St. John’s Cathedral, where he held a Bible and encouraged the country to be strong amid the chaos. The establishment media was all over it. Its narrative was easy money: The Bad Orange Man™ had violated the civil rights of peaceful protesters by siccing the authorities on them — and all for a cynical photo op with a Bible he never reads. But as Americans learned earlier this month from an inspector general’s report, the only problem with the story was that it was complete bunk.

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