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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki responded to liberal criticism of President Joe Biden over his inaction on the partisan voting rights legislation heading to the Senate. During a Tuesday press conference, in a reference to Biden’s campaign messaging, a reporter asked Psaki what the administration thinks is more important for the nation’s soul: getting rid of the filibuster or getting through the voting rights agenda. Psaki said they “don’t see it through that prism,” adding that Biden believes that “expanding access to voting, making it easier for people to vote, should be a fundamental right for the American public across the country and it will be a fight of his presidency long past today.” She went on to describe actions that Biden has taken throughout his career to advocate for voting rights. Psaki was asked repeatedly about the voting rights bill, including why Biden has not spoken about it on the day when there is a vote on the legislation. She said Biden has spoken about his commitment to expanding access to voting rights “a number of times,” adding that a statement would be released following the vote.

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