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Democrats and their media lapdogs are rabidly hyping the bogus narrative that climate change is an imminent “existential threat” to mankind as part of a cynical move to promote left-wing agendas. That’s the takeaway from a Fox News interview with physicist Steven Koonin, who offered scientific support to those who believe grifting climate alarmists are flippantly weaponizing this sham talking point to enrich and empower themselves. “It’s a fiction of the media and the politicians who like to promote that notion,” Koonin said on Fox Nation’s “Tucker Carlson Today.” Lest anyone dismiss Koonin as “right-wing,” it bears pointing that he was undersecretary for science in former President Barack Obama’s Department of Energy. The theoretical physicist and engineering professor is currently the director of the Center for Urban Science and Progress at New York University. Despite the nonstop environmental fearmongering from Democrats and the left-wing media, he said “human influences” are not responsible for natural disasters such as hurricanes and intermittent heatwaves, which are just as common today as they were in 1900.

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