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I’m not a huge fan of videos showing elementary or middle school kids at school board meetings complaining about Critical Race Theory or BLM propaganda. It’s always so obvious that the kids got a lot of help from Mom and Dad. The kids may believe what they’re saying, but it’s not their voices talking. That’s not the case with a nine-year-old girl from Lakeville, Minnesota, who gave school board members a verbal whipping for lying about political posters on school property. While it’s clear that her values come from her parents, the voice is her own. To fully appreciate what she’s saying, you need to have a little background. Lakeville is a suburb of Minneapolis-St. Paul and, with more than 67,000 people, has been one of the fastest-growing cities in the region. The spitfire in the video attends Lakeview Elementary School (LES). Everyone involved with the school — teachers, administrators, and school board members — were forced to take “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DIE) training. DIE training is, quite simply, anti-White racism packaged as pro-Black non-racism. It’s disgusting, un-American, illegal.

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