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A group of election and statistics experts are stressing the importance of post-election audits as Republican lawmakers continue to push for new investigations of the 2020 election. In a recent report organized by election integrity advocate and physicist John Droz, 10 experts highlighted the need for forensic audits, which they described as the only sufficient way to determine election integrity. “Despite mostly well-intentioned citizens, electronic voting equipment, and thousands of volunteers helping out, U.S. election integrity is likely poor,” their report said. “We say ‘likely,’ as we have considerable evidence that leads to this conclusion, but (so far) not sufficient scientific proof to come to a definitive conclusion about election integrity countrywide.” Voting inaccuracies may be far higher than typically thought, they added, as suggested by data from Pew Research, which found in 2012 that around 24 million voter registrations were either “no longer valid” or “significantly inaccurate.” “This level of inaccuracy is disturbing and sobering,” the Droz’s report said, but barring forensic auditing, it cannot “simply be dismissed.”

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