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“I’ve been reluctant to refer to our public broadcaster as a government broadcaster but this sealed it for me – it has become the government broadcaster running interference for PMJT at every turn,” said Alan Fryer. When people criticize the CBC, some respond by claiming that only right-wing Canadians have a problem with the network. That response omits CBC’s horrible ratings, a sign that much of the public has simply tuned them out, despite being forced to pay for it regardless. Yet, in a recent series of Tweets, Alan Fryer a former journalist with both CBC and CTV who has worked in Montreal, Ottawa, Moscow, Washington, and Toronto, ripped into how the network covered Green Party Leader Annamie Paul’s denunciation of Justin Trudeau. Here’s what Paul had said about Trudeau not being an ‘ally’ or ‘feminist.’ “To PM Justin Trudeau I say you are no ally and no feminist. Your deeds and words over the past weeks prove that definitively” — Green Leader Annamie Paul. Yet, as Fryer noted on CBC’s The National, Paul’s remarks on Trudeau weren’t covered. Fryer speaks with a lot of credibility, as someone who has been in the media for a long-time and has personal experience with the CBC.

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