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Independent MP Derek Sloan held a press conference on Thursday to sound the alarm about an increasing number of doctors who say they are being silenced and reprimanded for speaking out against the prevailing public health narrative in Canada. Appearing alongside Sloan were Dr. Byram W. Bridle, who is a viral immunologist and University of Guelph associate professor, Dr. Patrick Phillips of Englehart and District Hospital, and Western University physiology and pharmacology professor Dr. Donald Welsh. Sloan said numerous health professionals have reached out to him after he put out a call for whistleblowers in the scientific and medical communities. “At times, the information they’ve provided has been shocking. However, the single uniting factor was that none of their stories were being told either here in parliament or international media,” said Sloan. Sloan spoke of an unnamed nurse, from his riding of Hastings—Lennox and Addington in Ontario, who claimed that taking in new patients from Toronto hotspots “artificially raised” the numbers of COVID-19 patients in the local community.

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