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It’s been a bad seven days for the Communist Party of China. The Chinese Communist Party was sputtering with outrage for much of the past week as one international diplomatic summit after another saw world leaders uniting to keep it in check. It had been “maliciously attacked” with “sinister intentions,” its spokespeople complained. But there was little the CCP could do to turn a tide that clearly has turned against it. Xi Jinping’s “Vision 2035” maps out a path for China to achieve world leadership over the next 14 years. That road is now looking a lot rockier — in large part due to the unifying efforts of U.S. President Joe Biden. With his characteristic air of bonhomie and his conscious effort to expand the “western” alliance to non-western nations, Biden already has started to undo the damage his predecessor did to the principle that democracies unite in the face of authoritarian regimes.

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