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An Indian scholar and veteran political commentator has stated that critics of the “bunkum” natural origins theory of COVID-19 have been prevented from promoting the lab leak theory, due to the threat of “Doctor Fauci and his gang” destroying their careers. Professor Madhav Das Nalapat, the Director of Geopolitics and International Relations and UNESCO Peace Chair at Manipal University in India, made the comments earlier this month on one of India’s English-language news channels, NewsX. Nalapat is also the former Coordinating Editor of widely circulated English speaking paper The Times of India. During the June 3 NewsX discussion on Dr. Anthony Fauci and the origins of COVID-19, Nalapat raised strong concerns about the trustworthiness of the director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), in light of his recently published emails. The emails have notably revealed that Fauci was informed about the possibility of COVID having originated in a laboratory, yet despite evidence presented to him, Fauci has consistently downplayed the so-called lab leak theory.

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