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Working Families is a front for a bunch of Ontario unions, many involved in education, that spends a lot of money running ads attacking the government. It has an endless supply of gripes. Classrooms are too crowded (although they’re much smaller than they once were); teachers aren’t paid enough (although a lot of people would think $90,000+ isn’t bad for teaching grade-school kids); the government won’t listen to it (although it has an entire ministry that exists solely to deal with schools, teachers and their unions); budgeting is too skimpy (although education comes second only to health care for Ontario expenditures.) I don’t know if anyone buys this stuff any more. At the moment the unions are attacking Premier Doug Ford, on the premise that he’s ruining education. They attacked the previous Liberal premier, Kathleen Wynne, on the same basis, and the Liberal premier before her, Dalton McGuinty, even though McGuinty liked to style himself “the education premier” and brought in changes to meet numerous union demands. Under McGuinty and Wynne class sizes were limited and teacher pay ballooned, sometimes without their even having to ask.

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