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A team from NBC News claims that the fight over critical race theory in schools is not due to grassroots action by parents, but is being fuelled by conservative special interest groups and dark money. That parents have formed networks, obtained support, and are working together to try to fight racist indoctrination in schools is an issue, apparently. For NBC News, these parents wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if it weren’t for the corporate influence of “seasoned GOP activists” who seek to do battle with school boards. They slammed those who are working hard to make sure kids aren’t taught to hate themselves and their country. The tone is one of simple surprise, “how could anyone be against antiracism?” This fabricated stupor is the common refrain from those seeking to uphold this divisive ideology. Authors Brandy Zadrozny, Tyler Kingkade, and Ben Collins cite 165 parents groups that have grown over the past year to take on everything from remote school, to masking restrictions, to critical race and gender theory, and they seem to think parental involvement and various levels of support is a bad thing.

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