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Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives employed a rarely used legislative power on Monday to pass a bill limiting third-party election advertising amid shouts of “shame” from the opposition. The government used the notwithstanding clause to pass Bill 307, which reintroduced amendments to the Election Finances Act that a judge struck down as unconstitutional last week. The clause allows legislatures to override portions of the charter for a five-year term. The opposition parties argued the legislation was an attempt by Premier Doug Ford’s government to silence criticism ahead of next year’s provincial election. “It’s obviously a move from a man who’s desperate to cling to power,” said NDP Leader Andrea Horwath. The New Democrats spent the day trying to drag out the process by introducing a variety of motions on pandemic-related issues they argued should be the focus of the sitting. Ford said earlier on Monday that he wouldn’t be swayed. “We’re fighting for democracy,” Ford said at Queen’s Park. “I’ll work all day, all night to protect the people.”

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