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An independent tribunal in London, convened to investigate ‘ongoing atrocities and possible genocide’ in China, is bringing to light horrific stories of torture inflicted on Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims. Tribunal testimonies reveal subhuman conditions, forced abortions, rape, and the systematic, indiscriminate use of torture against ethnic minorities in “re-education” camps in northwest China, leaving inmates traumatized or dead. A former Chinese police officer now exiled in Germany, who participated in the arrest of the minorities, composed mostly of Uyghurs, explained in his statement that they “are tortured to remove all disagreement.” “After the worst treatment, they will completely obey and be in line with the Party. They will have no thoughts of their own left,” explained the whistleblower under the pseudonym Wang Keizhan. He explained how thousands of Chinese police recruits, often with little professional training, are enticed by “very high salaries” to work in Xinjiang, where they are taught to view Uyghurs as enemies of the state.

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