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It was not that long ago that schools were thought to be a relatively safe place for children to learn and grow into responsible adults. While there were always certain risks to sending a child to school, the material being taught by the teachers was not usually one of them. That has all changed in the last couple of years as disgusting ideas about sex, race, and other hot-button topics have become mainstream in the American school system. For one mother in Bloomington, Illinois, a bill passed by the Illinois legislature in May and awaiting Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s signature meant that it was time to speak out. According to the website for Cities 92.9 FM in Colfax, Illinois, the bill was called SB0818, and it mandates that schools that teach sex education must use the National Sex Education Standards. Becky Swan, who is a both parent in and graduate of School District 87 in Illinois, which covers the Bloomington Public Schools, spoke out about the bill at a District 87 school board meeting Wednesday. “This is an unfunded mandate that destroys local control over curriculum,” she said in a video posted to the Cities 92.9 Facebook page.

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