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With the TikTok “dry scooping” challenge taking off on the social media platform, health and nutrition experts say the trend is dangerous and can lead to serious health and safety concerns. The newest dry scooping trend challenges people to consume a scoop of pre-workout powder without diluting it with water first. Anisha Gupta, registered dietitian and nutrition coach at Hello Nutrition, said that people may be turning to this trend with the mindset that they can get results faster, but participating in the challenge can actually be “very dangerous.” “This trend is very dangerous because we are not following directions on how this product should be taken,” Gupta said. “We trust companies who are creating these powders to do so safely, so adding a protein powder to a liquid is there for a reason.” Gupta also said that the pre-workout powders are already intended for quick digestion, and by not diluting it with a liquid, it could make the body absorb the powder even faster. Sarah Burnett, a registered dietitian who works in public health, said that the large quantity of pre-workout powder that people are consuming can affect their blood pressure.

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