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Rewand Almobayed wiped away tears as she recalled the morning she said Hamas security forces raided her home in the Gaza Strip, blindfolded her, and tore her from the arms of her one-year-old son. “I still remember (the sound of) their feet running up the stairs,” she said. “My brother was screaming, ‘There are children and women in the home.’” Almobayed is a human rights lawyer and mother of three young children, including two Canadian-born daughters. She made a refugee claim in Canada in January 2018, alleging that she was unlawfully arrested, tortured, threatened with rape, and held against her will by Hamas for more than a week in July 2016. Almobayed said the abuse was retaliation for reporting the rape of a 12-year-old girl by a senior Hamas militant, who she claimed was angry after he was demoted as punishment for his crime. But nothing, Almobayed said, could have prepared her for the way she was treated during a hearing at the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB). “It’s one of the worst experiences I will ever have,” she said. “It created a trauma in my life. It almost destroyed me.“

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