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A new study by the Angus Reid Institute released Friday shows a shift in what issues Canadians consider to be most important as the pandemic nears its end. 45 percent of Canadians stated in a previous survey conducted in March that the pandemic was the top issue occupying their thoughts. In the latest survey, that figure has gone down to just 31 percent of Canadians thinking that this should be the government’s main focus right now. The next most important issue in the minds of those Canadians surveyed is that of the housing market. A full 29 percent of Canadians are worried about this issue above all others. This is most probably due to a parallel sharp increase in housing prices for Canadians in the past year. Another issue coming to the forefront of Canadians’ minds is that of the country’s past and present treatment of its indigenous populations. Once again, this has probably risen sharply in tandem with the shocking discovery of a mass grave at a residential school in Kamloops, British Columbia. Canadians now consider indigenous issues to be the number one concern, at a rate of 20 percent, compared to a mere nine percent when polled back in March.

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