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A new article published by esteemed Detroit automotive journalist Paul Eisenstein highlights Dodge’s upcoming battery-electric efforts. When the Dodge Demon came to market, there was plenty of back and forth about its acceleration compared to the Tesla Model S P100D. Dodge even added a disclaimer that indirectly admitted the Demon wasn’t quicker than the Model S. Clearly, if Dodge wants to compete with fast and quick electric cars, it will have to produce one itself. The brand will be hard-pressed to outshine the Model S if it sticks with gas-powered engines. The Detroit Bureau claims it has learned that Dodge is working on its fastest model ever, and it will be battery-powered. FCA hasn’t been in favor of EVs in the past, now that FCA is under the Stellantis umbrella, it appears opinions and future plans are about to change. Dodge built the Demon to be the fastest production car on the planet, but the Model S P100D and Model S Performance have already proven quicker. Now, the Model S Plaid makes it significantly more difficult for Dodge to grab that title, especially if it doesn’t implement electrification.

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