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The official Twitter account of Ottawa Public Health went on a woke tirade on Twitter, accusing anyone skeptical of COVID-19 of being a “racist.” On Thursday morning, the agency went on an incoherent rant, sending out 10 tweets that sought to tie together completely separate events, including COVID-19, lockdowns, Canada’s history of residential schools and an attack in London, Ontario that killed four members of a Muslim family. “Racism exists in Canada. As do bigotry, misogyny & homophobia.Their impacts are there, if you’re willing to look,” Ottawa Public Health wrote. “Please note that if you’ve never feared that you or your family might be the targets of racist acts, then please be mindful of the privilege you have.” Ottawa Public Health made various claims about how racism allegedly affects public health, including that naming coronavirus variants after countries is derogatory against people from those countries. Ottawa Public Health went on to claim that skepticism of COVID-19 or its risk to public health is a form of white supremacy. The agency even suggested that people responding to the rant with criticisms will be further evidence of white supremacy.

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