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Emails reported on by Blacklock’s Reporter show that the then-scientific director of the Microbiology Lab of Winnipeg had serious reservations over the ties between the lab and researchers in China. “I have some concerns here… No certifications are provided, they simply cite they have them,” wrote Gilmour. “What is the nature of the work, and why are our materials required? These are surely available from other, more local labs.,” wrote Dr. Gilmour. Recently, it was revealed that two researchers at the microbiology lab had their security clearances revoked, after sending samples of Ebola and Henipavirus to the Wuhan Virology Institute’s request. Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau told the Special Committee on Canada-China relations that the Trudeau Liberals “have a responsibility as a government to ensure we don’t jeopardize certain information that touches on privacy, that touches on commercial privacy, and that also touches on possible security implications.” In response to the publishing of internal emails as reported by Blacklock’s, Minsiter Garneau took it upon himself to block the outlet from seeing his tweets.

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