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Ontario schools will introduce a new Grade 9 math curriculum this September that reinforces concepts such as coding and financial literacy, Education Minister Stephen Lecce announced Wednesday. Dividing of Grade 9 students into separate applied and academic math streams — an Ontario-only practice among provinces — will end at the same time with all students taking the same courses. “I just want to reaffirm our government’s unwavering commitment to helping all students to reach their full potential and prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow with an emphasis on real-life learning,” Lecce said Wednesday. “These are life and job skills that will give every child a competitive advantage when they graduate.” EQAO standardized testing had highlighted stagnating and declining math scores for several years, especially among students in the applied stream. Premier Doug Ford campaigned in 2018 on a promise to scrap the sex education and “discovery” math curricula which were unpopular with some supporters. Ford promised a more back-to-basics math program.

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