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The U.S. Department of the Interior’s Inspector General debunked claims made by then-Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, his eventual running mate Kamala Harris, and left-wing media last year about federal law enforcement’s response to a violent riot in Washington, D.C., by far-left activists. The events in question surround violence from the far-left in the nation’s capital at the end of May and beginning of June in 2020, specifically around President Donald Trump’s visit to a church that had been set on fire. “Police in Washington, D.C. used tear gas and rubber bullets on peaceful protesters to clear them away from St. John’s church, which suffered a small fire Sunday night, near the White House,” NPR tweeted on June 1. “President Trump then walked to the church for a photo op.” Biden responded to NPR’s tweet by claiming: “He’s using the American military against the American people. He tear-gassed peaceful protesters and fired rubber bullets. For a photo. For our children, for the very soul of our country, we must defeat him. But I mean it when I say this: we can only do it together.”

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