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We can’t call out the kind of hatred that leads to a targeted terrorist attack like we allegedly saw in London this week if we aren’t willing to call out the things that help lead to such acts. For federal leaders, that includes denouncing in no uncertain terms, Quebec’s Bill 21. It may seem odd to say that we need to call out a law in Quebec for an alleged terrorist attack against a Muslim family in Ontario, but they are connected. Bill 21 is the so-called secularism bill in Quebec. It says that people who wear religious symbols — be it a hijab, a yamulke or a turban — are banned from jobs in the public service. It spells out rules for members of the public to receive services as well. Bill 21 is a bigoted piece of legislation. It is the kind of legislation that should be denounced by all but hasn’t been because the law is highly popular in Quebec. Yet, do we really want to have governments of any stripe deciding what we can wear — religiously or otherwise — in a free and democratic society? If the government can dictate what you can wear as a religious person, then they can dictate what you believe.

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