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For the most part, the Dutch are just as leftist and politically correct as any other Europeans. However, perhaps the Dutch have a teeny bit of DNA left that traces back to the 17th century, when Holland, only recently released from Hapsburg rule, was the freest country in Europe. In a time of tremendous religious schisms and fighting, the Dutch managed to be a tolerant society. Politician Thierry Baudet, in a viral video, seems to have harked back to that time when he warned his fellow Nederlanders that their response to COVID not only was a gross overreaction, but also put in place a template for future assaults on liberty. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the liberty-oriented Baudet had a classical education at Haarlem gymnasium (high school), which required him to learn both Latin and ancient Greek. In contrast, at Princeton, even classics majors will no longer be required to take Latin or Greek because it’s apparently systematically racist to require non-White people to master those languages. At the University of Amsterdam, Baudet studied history, which may have left him conversant with his country’s own tolerant, freedom-based past.

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