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For some, the aircraft malfunction of Kamala Harris’s jet on her first flight abroad as Joe Biden’s vice president to get at all those root causes to “solve” the border surge was kind of an omen. After all, the jet malfunction could have gone undetected, or been put there by some Democrat insider, happening just as anonymous Democrat operatives are moaning aloud to the press about their dread of Harris becoming the next Democratic presidential candidate. One wonders if Harris recalls the aircraft accident that took down former Clinton commerce secretary Ron Brown. It’s speculation, based on the miasma of events, none of it moored by fact. What it symbolizes, though, is far harder to deny: Kamala Harris’s mission to Guatemala and Mexico is looking like a disaster. Let’s take a gander at all that’s come of it so far. First, as Harris touched down in Guatemala, the locals greeted her this way, according to The Floridian, which appears to have some original photos. But after boarding a new plane and taking the four-and-a-half-hour flight to Guatemala, protesters were at the Guatemalan Air Force base waiting for the vice president with open arms and signs. Big signs.

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