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The hashtag #TrudeauDictatorship is trending on Twitter as Liberals try, in real time, to force their internet censorship bill through Parliament. On Twitter user put it simply: “#TrudeauDictatorship is real, so I’ll be voting Conservative.” On Friday, the Liberals began the process of “gagging the filibuster” by shutting down debate on the controversial Bill C-10 bill that would effectively censor large swathes of the internet. The bill is unprecedented in free democracies and would allow the Trudeau Liberals to control what content Canadians see on their social media feeds. The bill purports to be in the best interests of Canadian content creators, however it has been universally panned by free speech advocates including the former head of the CRTC who says it would violate the Charter rights of everyday Canadians. Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs tweeted Friday morning: “As I’m typing this, Liberals are trying to force through Bill C-10 in the HoC. This means internet censorship is coming to Canada without ANY meaningful debate. The Conservatives are doing everything in our power to stop this travesty.”

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