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The Wikipedia page of Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault was edited on Friday, to paint opponents of the Trudeau Liberals’ controversial Bill C-10 (An Act to Amend the Broadcasting Act) as spreading disinformation. Opponents of the bill include former CRTC vice-chair Peter Menzies. The edit was detected by Twitter bot @gccaedits, a bot that detects anonymous Wikipedia edits “that are made from Canadian Government IP addresses.” The account is followed by Trudeau’s Minister of Health Patty Hajdu, and lists the IP address ranges used. The edit, which has since been removed from Guilbeault’s Wikipedia entry, states that those who are concerned about the potential for Bill C-10 to be censorious to Canadians’ internet experience “stemmed exclusively from known and vocal opponents of the broadcasting act, with a majority of experts condemning these concerns are [sic] disinformation.” Conservative MP Tim Uppal said that “using government resources to quash dissent is usually something we see in dictatorships, not Canada.” Guilbaeut’s censorship bill has already been condemned by former chairs of the CRTC such as Peter Menzies, who has called the bill an assault on Canadians’ freedoms.

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