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In life and death situations, the instinct to save those we love can grant us near superhuman powers. On the eve of this past Memorial Day weekend, thanks to a small but mighty hero who rose to meet such a challenge, a father and little girl are alive to tell the tale. Chase Poust is only 7. He, his dad Steven, and his 4-year-old sister, Abigail were out for a family boating excursion on Florida’s St. Johns River near Mandarin Point. Chase and Abigail were swimming at the stern of the anchored boat while Steven was on deck fishing. It was an idyllic outing—until a strong current loosened Abigail’s grip and she let go of the boat. Instantly realizing his sister would be swept away, Chase let go of the boat as well to try and reach her. Steven leaped into the water but after realizing he couldn’t keep up with both kids, he was faced with an agonizing decision. “I told them I loved them because I wasn’t sure what’s going to happen,” Steven told News-4 JAX. “I tried to stick with both of them. I wore myself out. She drifted away from me.”

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