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Ford Motor Co. surpassed a significant milestone in its conversion to electric vehicles, producing more battery-powered Mustangs so far this year than gasoline-fueled versions of its iconic pony car. Ford has built 27,816 electric Mustang Mach-E models at a plant in Mexico this year compared to 26,089 copies of the traditional internal combustion engine Mustang at a factory in Michigan, according to production data the automaker released Thursday. Chief Executive Officer Jim Farley said last week that he expects four-in-10 models Ford sells to be electric by 2030, as he revealed plans to boost spending on battery-powered models by 36% to $30 billion. The Mach-E went on sale late last year and was the top-selling vehicle in Norway. “Mach-E has been much stronger than we expected, so we’ve totally run out of stock,” Farley told reporters at the introduction of the electric F-150 Lightning pickup May 19. “Mach-E is going global as we speak, but in the U.S.” the wait for a Mach-E “is months.” Ford said its supply of gas Mustangs is down to 1/3 of what is considered a healthy inventory.

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