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The past is catching up to the present. It is offering non-Indigenous Canadians a glimpse of what their country has done to Indigenous Canadians in the past and still does today. The discovery of what are believed to be the remains of hundreds of children at a former residential school in Kamloops are one example of the brutality that organized religion and the Canadian federal and provincial governments have wrought on our children. The aforementioned parties have largely kept quiet about this, hoped no one would find the graves and prayed the issue would go away. In Indigenous communities, there were hushed conversations about what might have happened to our missing children. In northwest Saskatchewan, for example, our elders said there were baby skeletons found in the walls of the Beauval Indian Residential School when they tore it down. Similarly, the graveyard at the Regina Industrial School contains our children. These examples are the tip of the iceberg. The full iceberg, which is an understanding it was genocide, is floating on the horizon. Canadians are not ready for what’s coming.

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