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A group of Virginia parents filed a federal lawsuit against Loudoun County Public School (LCPS) district’s school board for allegedly “violating students’ free speech rights.” According to a press release from the plaintiff, the school has created two programs that allegedly push a progressive ideology on all students. The first program is the “Student Equity Ambassador Program” and the second is a “bias reporting system.” The plaintiffs consider both to be “illegal.” “Over the past two years, the board and administrators have incorporated controversial and radical political theory into school curriculum,” the press release reads. “Now they are asking students to be vocal supporters of these political views or face being excluded from school leadership positions and reported through a new ‘bias reporting’ system.” The “Student Equity Ambassador Program” is a program designed for minority students to inform on their peers about potential racial insensitivity or “microaggressions.” The “bias reporting system” falls under the purview of the equity ambassador program, though any student can anonymously report on a peer.

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